L-Erbgħa, 23 ta’ Lulju 2008

George Abela to represent Labour on MEUSAC

Qeghdin nirriproducu dan l-artiklu tal-Maltastar.com dwar hatra ta' Dr. George Abela.
Napprezzaw il-kummenti taghkom.

George Abela will be representing the Labour Party on the Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee (MEUSAC). Dr Abela was nominated for the post by Labour leader Joseph Muscat.

The decision that Labour should participate in this recently reinstated committee, was taken by Dr Muscat, in order to examine legislation proposed by the EU and its effect on Malta.

Joseph Muscat expressed his conviction that the Labour party will have a strong representation in MEUSAC, noting that Dr. Abela has the experience and credentials necessary to enable Labour to contribute in the best possible way to MEUSAC. “This is a crucial role and I am convinced that George will do his duty to the Labour party and to the country,” he remarked.

The former MLP leadership contender had already formed part of MEUSAC on a personal basis in the run-up to Malta’s EU membership.
New Labour leader Joseph Muscat had pledged that all leadership contenders would be given a central role within the party. Dr Abela’s representation in MEUSAC is another promise fulfilled by the Labour leader.
In comments to the media, Dr Abela said that he’s looking forward to contribute once again as an official representative of the Labour Party, within such an important forum. “This is going to be a proof that the Labour Party can contribute with actions for the good of our country, in the context of European Union.”

Joseph Muscat also nominated the labour spokesperson for European affairs, Luciano Busuttil, as Dr Abela’s substitute in this committee.

Luciano Busuttil called for the need that Malta makes a success out of EU membership. “Our country can’t be European just on paper. It has to be European in attitudes, lines of thought and leadership style,” he declared.

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